“Masters of the Universe”…. NOT

I just did a quick search on Fabrice Tourre, the 31 year old banker who is the subject of the SEC’s recent investigation into Goldman Sachs.

I run into a lot of Fabrice Tourres , both socially and professionally here in London. In fact, another Frenchman named Gulliaume Rambourg at the epicenter of a recent hedge fund scandal at UK fund manager Gartmore- was presenter at the London Junto about two years ago.

It strikes me that both had similar profiles-  smart guys who went to good schools in France, topped off by the international recognition bestowed by the acquisition of Stanford degree or a CFA designation.

But the question arises: Are these folks worthy of the title “Masters of the Universe” a la Tom Wolfe’s famous moniker in the 1980s classic “Bonfire of the Vanities?”

Here’s the reality…Most of these supposed Masters of the Universe are actually pretty boring fellas, not all that interesting or interested in the world, too caught up in the micro-sociology of their current office politics. They’re the compromise candidates the wispy blonds girls in Chelsea in London and the Upper East Side in New York settle on and marry.

There used to be a joke at the “white shoe” New York law firm I once worked for: “The more interesting you are, the sooner you leave.”

These are the guys who never left.

Masters of the Universe?

Nah… More like Willy Loman on steroids.

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